welcome to korvis.dk

Hi, I’m Korvis! I was born in Sweden many, many years ago. I moved to Denmark in the mid-eighties, and sort of got stuck here...! I’m a classical musician, and work as cellist in Odense symphony orchestra.

Most of my spare time I use on dogs and dogtraining. Both with my own dogs, but also with other people and their dogs, as I’m an agilityinstructor.

I have one dog - Iso. In august 2009 I had to say goodbye to my very first dog, Daiwa the coton. In june 2011 I also had to say goodbye to my beloved BC Frostie. You can read more about them all on the right side of this page.

And I mustn’t forget Luigi and Miss Kitty - my cats... they’d be very disappointed if they weren’t mentioned here!

Another hobby I have is photography, and of course I often join my two big hobbies - and take a lot of dog-photos!

You can see some of my photos in the gallery.

As I got Silque Iso, I decided to make a blog in english, so that her family abroad can follow her life in Denmark. After some time, I stopped it, but you can still read in the archives of THE DOGBLOG


facts about my dogs

and the cat...

LP1 LP2 Kennlyn’s Orkidé - Daiwa

LP1 LP2 LP3 Blue Borders Frostie

silque iso

luigi - a.k.a. lui


cat, probably born spring/summer 2010

Miss Mis is our newest familymember. Just as Lui, someone just threw her out, and she was found by my friends father. Luckily, I could take her without any problems with Lui, and now Miss Mis is living the happy life of a countryside, mouse-hunting cat!

about us...